SurveyMonkey CX unveils new ways to customize, share, and close the loop on surveys Camille Rasmussen 3 min read This summer, we’re unveiling a number of exciting product updates to our customer experience solution, SurveyMonkey CX, that will make it easier to close the loop with customers—and keep your org in the loop, too. AUX Input. In addition to recording your guitar or bass performances and turning them into playable loops, you can also record other external stereo audio sources via the RC-3’s AUX IN. Sound from a digital-audio player connected to the AUX input, for example, can easily be recorded and made into a loop. Read more.

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Jan 22, 2014 · The way you can fade loops in and out is very nice, and the optional footswitch would be a great way to keep my hands on my instruments. But it, like many loopers doesn't have multiple inputs. Far from the four i'd like to have (beats, bass, guitar, vocals).
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Feb 06, 2014 · Get those instruments up off the floor! I never thought I’d be the type of person to display a guitar, a banjolin and a ukele on my wall, but now that I’ve done it I actually think they look quite stylish! Hanging them on the wall keeps them safe from harm and available to play all the time. During my hunt for inexpensive string instrument mounts, I found a handful of gorgeous — mostly ...

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